Want to play Atari's stylish upcoming third-person shooter Minimum Want to play Atari's stylish upcoming third-person shooter Minimum

Minimum Free Play Weekend Keys Available Today At 11 AM ET


Want to play Atari’s stylish upcoming third-person shooter Minimum for free this weekend? You can grab yourself one of a limited number of free keys on Gamepedia starting at 10 am Central time (that’s 11 am Eastern, 8 am Pacific — sorry West Coast!) this morning.

“The Gamepedia team does a great job designing and handling game wikis, so we are happy to have them managing that process for us,” Tony Chien, Senior Director of Marketing for Atari, said in a press release. “They have a great audience with a ton of enthusiastic PC gamers so we wanted to include them in our Free Play Weekend leading up to early access on Steam.”

Minimum lives up to its name with its cool but blocky graphics but boasts a unique blueprint-based crafting system allowing players to create weapons and armor that get better with kill streaks. The main gameplay mode challenges both teams to power up and protect a robotic Titan (no, not these Titans) that can help destroy the opposing base.

Anyone lucky enough to grab a key can play through Monday on Sunday, May 4, so head over to the official Minimum wiki on Gamepedia and get ready to hit refresh like mad later this morning.