Transformers Universe Founders Program Announced


If you want to get in on the ground floor of Transformers Universe — and you’re prepared to back up that desire with some of your cash — you can do it now thanks to the recently announced Founders Program. Jagex just revealed the details on a four-tiered program that can get you special recognition before the game launches and a host of in-game goodies after it goes live.

Anyone purchasing any of the four tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Cybernite) will receive a spot on the game’s Honor Roll page and an exclusive avatar and title matching the selected tier. But the real meat of the program comes in the form of in-game currency called Relics, season pass time that grants a new warrior, consumables and bonus experience each month it’s in effect, early access to certain Transformers and more.

The Founders Packs start at $44.99 for the Bronze level and go all the way up to an eye-popping $449.99 for the Cybernite tier, which also throws in a limited edition 10-inch collectible figurine. Jagex says the best value is at the Gold level, giving you a $240 value for $119.99. Full details on all Founders Packs can be found here, and a FAQ is also online if you want to dig into some of the logistics — never a bad idea for any game that has yet to be released. There’s also a trailer, which we’ve included below.

Speaking of a release, no specific date has been announced for Transformers Universe yet. Jagex is still aiming for a summer launch, though closed beta is underway and sign-ups are currently still being accepted.