New Hellraid Trailer Shows Off Next-Gen Visuals


The people at Techland think even demon slayers should look their best. To prove it, they’ve taken the wraps off of some footage from their upcoming dark fantasy game, Hellraid, which is headed to PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2015.

The game is being built on Techland’s Chrome Engine 6, the newest version of its proprietary technology. It’s being used to push Hellraid to the limits for eighth-gen consoles, particularly in the areas of physics-based lighting, complex character animations, advanced particle effects and smarter AI systems.

Techland has also been working on new wrinkles and enhancements to the game’s first-person, co-op slasher foundation. Three different modes — Story, Mission and Arena — will be available to tackle solo or in two-to-four-player co-op. Key features include customizable gear, a class-free skill tree and melee combat that features different fighting styles, counter-attacks, parries and dashing abilities. Combat also boasts interactive elements, destructible objects and environmental traps.

Hellraid remains a work in progress, with the developers looking forward to the feedback they receive from its Early Access debut on Steam in the fall. If it ends up playing as good as it looks, it should be one to watch for next year, regardless of which platform you prefer.