Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes And More Coming This Fall


Disney is ready to deliver the Marvel super heroes to Disney Infinity this fall — but they’re not the only new additions.

In an hour-long live event on Wednesday, what Disney Interactive is calling Disney Infinity 2.0 was unveiled, meaning it’s a new edition of the game. It’s coming to all the same platforms as the first version (except for the Wii, apparently) plus PS4 and Xbox One. Happily, the 2.0 edition will be backwards compatible, meaning all figures, Power Discs and Toy Box saves will be supported. And to the relief of parents and their wallets everywhere, it won’t require a new Infinity Base either.

The arrival of the Marvel super heroes is the biggest news. Six figures were shown off during the event — Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye and the Hulk — with over a dozen more planned. Footage shown during the event gave quick glimpses of Rocket Raccoon and Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy and a very brief cameo by Spider-Man.

Gameplay has been expanded in numerous ways to support the larger than life nature of super heroes. The Avengers Play Set world will be four times larger than the largest Play Set from the original Disney Infinity waves. Heroes will be able to hover, fly or super jump as appropriate, as well as incorporate combat into their movements.

Speaking of combat, it looks to be a much expanded experience, which makes sense since … well, super heroes get into a lot of fights. Footage displayed all six Avengers in action plus some insight into how their abilities could be upgraded.

Noted Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis was on hand, discussing his work in making sure the feel of the characters was just right. He added that “there are characters and stories coming up that are just going to blow your mind.”

Toy Box mode is also getting a number of upgrades. Brushed will help younger gamers fill in roads and landscapes without having to sweat the minute details. Automated builders will also help out by working on scenery on their own, though anything they create can still be fully edited.

The interior of buildings will also be customizable so players can make a proper home for their characters. Disney developers hinted that the same functionality could also be used to create dungeons or any kind of custom indoor space desired.

Most interesting of all is the addition of Toy Box mini-games, two of which will come with the Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack. These are fully featured games of roughly three to four hours in length set completely inside the Toy Box framework. A tower defense game and a dungeon crawler were both shown off during the event.

It’s an ambitious push forward for a game that Disney says has already moved three million Starter Packs and surpassed $500 million in global sales. Keep an eye on Gamesided for more news, including an official launch date for Disney Infinity 2.0, as it becomes available.