Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 4/29/14


"In an interview with, Iwata was asked to comment further on his statements in January that Nintendo would “expand into a new business area” and “extend the definition of entertainment” with its 10-year ‘Quality of Life’ platform.“A lot of people around the world think Nintendo is solely a company that makes video games,” Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said. However, that shouldn’t be the case, he emphasized. “[Former Nintendo president Hiroshi] Yamauchi always said ‘Nintendo is an entertainment company and should never be anything else’, but he didn’t necessarily think ‘entertainment equals video games.'”"


"Adam Sandler’s upcoming video game based film Pixels is hitting theatres on May 15, 2015, it was announced today.The film, which is based on a popular YouTube short film of the same name, features old school game stars Frogger, Donkey-Kong and Pac-Man as they let loose in New York City, while a team of expert gamers are brought in to battle them."


"Capcom has committed its support to the Wii U’s Game Boy Advance Virtual Console.Speaking to IGN, a Capcom spokesperson confirmed that Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue Version and Mega Man Battle Network 2: White Version would be the first Capcom games released on the service.The spokesperson also stated that more games from Capcom’s GBA library would be coming to the Wii U Virtual Console in the future."