Destiny – Xbox One and PS4 Controller Layout


The upcoming Bungie game Destiny will be epic.  Over the past couple of days, news has poured in about the must-have FPS, and today there were some leaked photos suggesting the button layout.  In the picture above, you can see the “suspected” configuration of Destiny for the Xbox One.   It looks, not surprisingly, similar to the layout incorporated by Bungie for the Halo franchise.  It is interesting that the game is utilizing the view/menu buttons that aren’t typically assigned gameplay functionality.

There were also some photos leaked today for the controller layout on the PS4.  It appears that Bungie will use the touch-pad for summoning the Ghost, but I am a bit curious if they don’t also use it for some other aspect of the game.  It has been widely reported that Bungie worked closely with Sony on maximizing the integration of the PS4 controller for Destiny.

The bumper and trigger buttons seem identical to layout on the Xbox, except it seems that both bumpers hit together initiates the special ability.

Neither of the layouts have been officialy confirmed by Bungie, but these pictures appear correct.  The anticipation for this game keeps building with each passing day.  The date for the long-awaited beta has not been released, but that news could come at any time.  Stay tuned to for all of your Destiny updates.

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