Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 4/28/14


"Kadokawa plans to purchase majority stake in Dark Souls and Armored Core series developer From Software, according an Kadokawa announcement translated by will purchase 80 percent of From Software stock and the deal is expected to be finalized on May 21, 2014. From Software will work alongside Kadokawa Games Studio to work on the company’s games and a new IP.Famitsu reports that the acquisition was initially revealed during Kadokawa’s end of year financial results Board of Directors’ meeting held on April 28."


"Mobile and portable editions of Terry Cavanagh’s breakthrough indie game VVVVVV are said being readied for an imminent release.Cavanagh, who shipped the first iteration of VVVVVV in 2010, says the mobile and tablet versions had been “like 90 per cent finished for over a year”.The dedicated PS Vita port, currently in development at Californian studio Nicalis, is said to have spurred Cavanagh into finishing the Android and iOS versions."


"Recently a number of Nintendo-loving European gamers noticed their belts weren’t quite reaching their usual notch.The reason was the introduction of Super Mario toys in Happy Meals, causing many Mario-loving types to snarf their way through numerous burgers to collect them all.Now it would appear belt manufacturers in the US are about to get a windfall of their own, as McDonalds has revealed the next line of Happy Meal toys in America will be based on Pokemon."