Madden NFL 15 To Hit Stores On August 26


The Madden series is getting its next installment on August 26, but it’s transforming in June.

So says the Madden NFL 15 (back to is old numbering!) trailer that EA Sports released today, which you can see below. It stars Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly talking about transforming into something he never knew he could become. There are some cool night vision-esque effects too, but I’m guessing those are just for show and not something we’ll actually see in the game.

So is Kuechly talking about visuals, gamrplay improvements or both? Maybe defense will be the focus again this year? We’ll likely find out at E3, since that’s in June and EA generally spends a big chunk of its pre-show press conference on its sports games.

And if you don’t even need to wait for more info, you can already pre-order the game if you’re so inclined. The power of the Madden brand is such that it’s actually not ridiculous to give people a chance to do that after just the initial announcement.

Stay tuned to Gamesided for more on Madden NFL 15 as further tidbits come to light.