Disney Teases Marvel Reveal For Disney Infinity On April 30


Disney Interactive wants you to save the date.

Not for a wedding or anything like that, but for a live online event that is promising to “unveil the latest chapter of Disney Infinity.” The tagline should give a pretty good clue to what it’s going to be about: “Get Ready to Assemble.”

We’ve known for a bit that Marvel characters are coming to Disney Infinity, but it appears the details of how and when they’ll arrive are going to be revealed on Wednesday, April 30 at 10 am Pacific time. Along with super hero and villain figures, smart money says we’ll see several new play sets and fresh series of power discs to introduce Marvel locations and objects into the game world.

But could it be more than that? If Disney follows the Skylanders road map, the announcement could be for a whole new game that requires another Infinity Base. My wallet is hoping not. Fans are also speculating that versions of the game for PS4 and Xbox One could be unveiled.

In any event, you can publicly RSVP for the webcast on the Disney Infinity Google+ page. To get yourself properly psyched, you can watch the teaser trailer below and take note of a certain Avenger’s trademark accessory paying a visit to several Disney characters: