Does this box art look familiar..."/>

Does this box art look familiar..."/>

Rumor: Sony Making A New Dark Cloud Title?


Does this box art look familiar? Well in some places around the world, Dark Cloud 2 is known as Dark Chronicle. This is important because according to Gamrreview, Sony has recently renewed their trademark on Dark Chronicle, possibly indicating a new game in the series is in the works. Or maybe some kind of HD collection, at least.

Now companies do renew trademarks all the time and do nothing with them. But Sony actually let the Dark Chronicle trademark lapse last year only to renew it recently. Of course this could also be pointing to some entirely new game called Dark Chronicle that has nothing to do with the Dark Cloud series. Or sadly it could just be another trademark renewal with nothing really behind it.

As I listed Dark Cloud 2 aka Dark Chronicle extremely high on my 10 Games that need an HD Remaster list, I’m very excited about the possibilities here. Dark Cloud 2 was easily one of my favorite PS2 titles, and I’d love to either have an easy excuse to buy it again or experience a whole new title as long as the spirit of the series was kept intact. So as long as they have a system where you can craft items and equipment by taking photos of random things that make no sense when you combine them, we are all set.

Chime in, Gamesided readers. Excited about the possibility of a new Dark Cloud game? Let us know in the comments!