Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 4/27/14


"For many, many years, the popularity of the original Star Wars Trilogy has expanded out into many genres of our culture, such as comics, books, toys and of course, games. Star Wars games have become so infamous in the gaming industry that they have near become a new feature of game type on their own.These spin-offs of the films, known as the Expanded Universe, have been labelled as non-canon, meaning the events or happenings of a comic or game do not correlate or mix with that of the films.However, this may soon change. As of Disney’s purchase of the Star Wars franchises, many changes to the LucasArts systems have been made, and one of these, as confirmed yesterday, is that any future game will become canon with that of the old and upcoming films."


"It’s been a few years since WayForward helped revive the BloodRayne franchise with the 2D platformer BloodRayne: Betrayal. The game originally released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but a PC port is now on the way, courtesy of developer Abstraction Games. In fact, the game is set to arrive next week.The game features 15 levels of combo-heavy hack-and-slash action. It received some decidedly mixed reviews from several outlets."


"XLGames have recently started selling Founders packs for their Town-building Fantasy MMORPG Archeage. Only one of the packs allow access to the Korean MMO’s alpha but all the rest guarantee a spot in the games Beta. The packs will all have various perks, gliders, armor etc. and prices range from €44.99 ($49.99) to €134.99 ($149.99) which is quite pricey when you consider that you’re buying into a beta and not a full game."