An eagle-eyed Neogaf member caught the above screengrab from..."/> An eagle-eyed Neogaf member caught the above screengrab from..."/>

Foreign Retailer Lists Mass Effect Trilogy For PS4


An eagle-eyed Neogaf member caught the above screengrab from a Chilean retailer. It does only show a listing for the PS4, but there’s virtually no doubt that if in fact the Mass Effect Trilogy is being released on the PS4, it will come out on the Xbox One as well.

While foreign retailers do occasionally list upcoming unannounced titles that turn out to be true, just as often the listing proves to be false, so take this with a grain of salt. It’s certainly a high possibility with all the other titles being re-released for the PS4 and Xbox One. And if, as rumored, we are going to see a new Mass Effect game in spring of next year, a release on current consoles of the trilogy (especially if all the released DLC is included) would make plenty of sense to get gamers all excited for a new entry.

This makes a little more sense than a lot of the current and upcoming re-releases as the Mass Effect series is a bit older, with the last game being released in 2012. Of course extra incentive would be if the data from the trilogy would carry over and affect the new Mass Effect game in any way; that would make it an easy purchase as I already own all three games and a majority of the DLC for all three as well.

One sticking point might be price though. Considering you can currently buy the trilogy for around $30, I think the most I would pay to play them all over again on my shiny new more powerful console would be about $40. As long as it’s that or less, I’m more than willing to save the galaxy from intelligent spaceships (and maybe punch a reporter or two) all over again.

What do you think, Gamesided readers? Do you want to buy the trilogy all over again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!