Destiny Announcement Tomorrow


On the official Instagram for the upcoming Bungie game Destiny, there was a message and a short video for an announcement tomorrow.  The post read:

"Tomorrow, witness the formation of a Fireteam."

The short clip shows three super cool aircrafts flying in formation and then making a dive toward the ground.  It seems that the game will incorporate some sort of aerial assault, or perhaps a means of traversing the world.  It is not really known.  Hopefully the announcement will help to clear up any questions.  As always, Bungie has leaked just enough to get the speculations flying.

For those that played Halo Reach, they can remember the wildly popular space battle.  There has always been some chatter that Bungie would revisit such gameplay and perhaps this is it.  Seems likely that something similar will show up in Destiny.

Destiny is shaping up to be the most anticipated game on any console in 2014.

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