OOTP 15 Now On Steam, 10 Percent Off For First Week


If you want to play a baseball sim that’s so good that our Daniel George gave it a 9.5 in his recent review, it’s now more convenient and a little cheaper to grab it.

We’re talking about Out of the Park Baseball 15, or as the cool baseball kids call it, OOTP 15. It’s now on Steam, so if you get your PC games that way, you can buy it there.

You’ll notice it’s also on sale on Steam, but only for the first week. After May 1, it returns to its normal price of $35.99.

Would it still be worth buying at $39.99? I haven’t played this year’s iteration myself, but I’m a fan of the series in general. But if you’re not going to read Mr. George’s whole review, he did say this:

"If the passion for baseball is there at the core, combined with the thrive to learn more about the logistical side, this is the game for you."

And also this:

"Currently, Out of the Park Baseball 15 is sports management simulation at its best; a game that will keep players enthralled for untold hours at a time."

That sounds like a “yes” to me, but if you buy it during the Steam sale, it’ll be a moot point anyway.


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