Injustice Mobile Game Turns One, Adds New Multiplayer Mode


Man, games grow up so quickly these days! It seems like just yesterday we were writing about the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us on iOS devices, but it was actually a year ago. Pretty soon it’ll be walking and talking and after that, off to school.

Jokes aside, the mobile version of Injustice really has been out for a year, racking up over two billion play sessions. It definitely took full advantage of its links to the console fighting game of the same name, but it’s an enjoyable way to pit DC heroes and villains against each other on its own too.

To celebrate the birthday, NetherRealm Studios has added a new multiplayer mode that allows players to pit their teams against other human-constructed squads. Rewards for winning multiplayer battles include currency, experience and Gear Cards, plus points toward a weekly leaderboard for the chance at additional prizes.

The game’s latest update also increases the promotion and level caps for most characters while adding new Gold Characters and missions. Android users will see the same update hit their version next month.

Sounds like a good time to dust off your Injustice app and have your own birthday party, no? In case you’ve never played it, the game runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and can be found for free on the App Store.