Trap And Play As Bosses In Skylanders Trap Team


Gamespot has a preview up of the latest entry in the Skylanders franchise, titled Trap Team. Trap Team comes with a new portal called the “Traptanium Portal.” This portal will have built-in speakers that will allow you to hear the voices of bosses you capture in the game (and they’ll react to being trapped in the portal, i.e. complaining about how cramped it is in there). When you’ve captured a boss, you can switch between that boss and your traditional Skylanders at any time.

The “trap” in Trap Team also refers to new toys kids will be begging their parents to buy for them. Traps need to be inserted into the portal to trap bosses, and each trap has a different element to it. A boss can only be caught by the trap that matches its element.

Skylanders: Trap Team will be out for pretty much every system (except the PC and the Vita) on October 5th.

Considering I just recently wrote a column about things they really need to change in the Skylanders franchise and their new innovation is to basically make you not only buy yet another portal but introduce a whole new toy type you pretty much have to buy, I’m certainly disappointed in this announcement (but not horribly surprised). I’m sure it will sell tons, but this step is really not what the franchise needs to move forward and stay healthy. Maybe it’s time for me to start giving Disney Infinity a harder look — at least that will have Marvel characters coming soon.

What do you think Gamesided readers? Excited for this new entry in the franchise? Are you a parent and is your wallet about to cry? Or could you care less about these cheap cash grabs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!