TownCraft Makes Its Way Onto iPhone And Mac


Ever need a break from games focused on combat and blowing things up? If not, that’s great — your Titan will be ready in 60 seconds. But if you do, Flat Earth Games wouldn’t mind if you checked out TownCraft, and now the Aussie studio is giving you two more ways to do that.

First released on iPad in 2013, TownCraft hit iPhone and Mac today with  new levels, structures and quests, none of which require any in-app purchases. It’s a building and crafting game that starts new players with only a hatchet made of a piece of stone tied to some wood and challenges them to tame the medeival wilderness around them. As the name implies, crafting is at the heart of the gameplay experience, with hundreds of objects and buildings you can eventually learn to construct.

Procedurally generated maps ensure each new game is different, and the game features a real-time day/night cycle that limits how much work you can ask the local peasants to do toward building your town before they head to the tavern or home. There’s even a story about kingdoms in conflict that ties it all together.

“We’re so glad to finally see TownCraft out on iPhone and Mac today,” lead designer Leigh Harris said in a press release. “We put a lot of effort into making the game the best it can be for both new platforms. Our hope is that new players and the community see our dedication and love of TownCraft now and well into the future.”

The iPhone version is $4.99, while the Mac edition goes for $9.99. If you aren’t convinced yet that this might be a fun way to do some building, crafting and exploring, check out the humorous TownCraft launch trailer and see if it’s your cup of tea.