MLB Advanced Media, the league's digital arm, has released a base..."/>
MLB Advanced Media, the league's digital arm, has released a base..."/>

Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 4/23/14


"MLB Advanced Media, the league’s digital arm, has released a baseball video game for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Apple mobile devices. The game itself, RBI Baseball ’14, is fairly conventional, but its release is not: It marks the first time a major professional sports league has developed its own console game.So why is MLBAM taking the risk of doing their own in-house development?“Our thinking is we could do it, we can do it, why shouldn’t we do it?” Bowman said. “And rather than take the sure thing of a license fee, take a little bit more risk certainly on the downside, we spent the money to build the game. Whether it turns out to be a great game, or however it evolves, we have the upside.”"

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"Rumours suggesting Ubisoft is preparing to announce a new Prince of Persia game intensified after an engineer suspected of working for the company had his Twitter account pulled, seemingly for teasing a new entry in the series.This comes shortly after French website Le Portail du Jeu Vidéo claimed to have learnt that Ubisoft Montpellier is working on a new 2D entry in the Prince of Persia series. The title is reportedly being built with the UbiArt Framework engine used for recent Rayman games and the upcoming Child of Light."


"Back at the beginning of the year, the Chinese government announced that it would be lifting a 14-year long ban on consoles and console video games. The news came as a huge opportunity for key industry players, who now had access to one of the biggest markets in the world. This change in Chinese legislature isn’t all that tolerant though, and heavy censorship will be applied for console games, meaning that only some (and based on the conditions, few) games will get past the screening process. The exact rules were recently published on a Chinese website, relaying the decisions taken in Shanghai.For starters, anything including alcohol abuse, drug use, violence and obscenity is ruled out from the start. This pretty much applies to anything that even remotely resembles the Action genre (or RPGs for that matter), not just obvious titles such as GTA 5. Furthermore, anything hinting at cults or superstitions is ruled out, as well as anything that even remotely challenges China’s political, national or religious integrity."

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