As reported by Nintendo Life, As reported by Nintendo Life,

Miiverse Update To Impose Post Restrictions


As reported by Nintendo Life, there is an update coming that provides two changes to Nintendo’s Miiverse service. The first change allows for the web version of Miiverse to have the same search functions as the in-console versions for both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. That means you can search for “Posts by Verified Users” online if you really want to keep up to date with the ongoing development of upcoming games. It will certainly make things easier to be able to keep up with Masahiro Sakurai’s shenanigans with the upcoming Super Smash Bros title.

The downside, for users that use Miiverse posting system, is that there will now be imposed timeouts for commenting on somebody else’s posts. The downtime of 3 minutes has been placed, in an attempt to help the moderation team combat fervent spammers.

I’m all for making communities safer and regulated (I know personally what it’s like to admin a forum), but to make the timeout a whole 3 minutes is a bit too long. People make friends through Nintendo’s services and (occasionally) online gameplay. For some, it could be the prime way to make contact with someone from around the world in a safe, anonymized way. To remove the chat-like ability of commenting on others’ posts removes this function, thus creating another hurdle for Nintendo fans to keep in contact through their devices.


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