Is Beyond: Two Souls the next game to get an upgrade to the PS4? &l..."/> Is Beyond: Two Souls the next game to get an upgrade to the PS4? &l..."/>

Rumor: Beyond: Two Souls Director’s Cut Coming To PS4


Is Beyond: Two Souls the next game to get an upgrade to the PS4? VG/247 seems to think so, based on a NeoGAF thread showing programmer code and stills. As the article states, even if all these things exist, that isn’t confirmation of a PS4 version of Beyond: Two Souls. But given all the games that already been re-released on both the PS4 and Xbox One already, along with the recent confirmation of a PS4 version of The Last of Us, it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise.

That being said, this is perpetuating a bad trend. Best case scenario, this is merely the latest in a series of cheap cash-ins that take resources away from creating new and original content. Worst case? It speaks to just how weak the release slate is for these new systems. Regardless of your opinion of Beyond: Two Souls, the game came out a mere six months ago. If the rumors of a Grand Theft Auto V port are true, it’s like we’ll be living 2013 all over again.

If Sony or Microsoft want to get some content out quick, it’d frankly be a lot better use of resources to come out with smaller budgeted, possibly even downloadable titles that can still show off the system’s capabilities. Make more games that while not AAA, show off the graphics capabilities such as Resogun. Make fun little games that take advantage of the PS4 camera or the touchpad of the DualShock 4 in unique ways. Make something, anything that shows Kinect has an iota of value as a gaming device. Making quick and dirty ports of games we only played a short time ago is just going to make us wonder why we bought these systems in the first place.

What do you think, GameSided readers? Are you psyched about all these “remastered” versions of last-gen games? Are you chomping at the bit for some new content we haven’t really played before? Let us know in the comments!