Report: Capcom To Announce Resident Evil Title At E3 2014


As the march to E3 2014 winds down day by day, rumors start popping up about what companies will show up with what games at both the event conferences and on the show flow. This year it looks like one of said early rumors comes the way of a Capcom announcement, which is speculated to include a major Resident Evil title. According to Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun (translated by Siliconera), Capcom is planning to announce an upcoming Resident Evil game during E3, one that will run on the PlayStation 4. Due to brand recognition in Japan, the use of PS4 only does not immediately suggest that it will be an exclusive, but rather speaks to the Xbox One still months away from release in Japan.

Additionally, it appears as though the mobile offices will be working together going forward on making titles with the knowledge of their online video game development to better capitalize on PC elements within a mobile setting. A video games analyst from the paper adds, “It’s a certainty that a hit smartphone title is required, but they also require a major title so they don’t fall behind makers from America and Europe, who can develop games in high speed.”

While it’s disappointing to see Capcom put so much emphasis and development into mobile gaming over its console department (one that has seen the overall quality of games drop in a fairly noticeable fashion), a new Resident Evil game will always bring some sort of intrigue to what the company is doing. Even though the numbered series has faltered, certain elements from Resident Evil 6 and a lot of what Resident Evil: Revelations brought give a glimmer of hope that the good times can return once again. It’s a false hope, in my mind, but one that I will always give the benefit of the doubt for each time.


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