Resogun for PS4 Teases Local Co-Op DLC


The developers of Resogun posted an image to Twitter that hints at or better yet teases co-op DLC.  It had already been reported that developers Housemarque were planning on releasing DLC in the very near future, and some had rumored that it would include a local co-op mode.  The photo posted all but confirms the rumors.

Resogun is a side-scrolling space shooter in the style of the classic game Defender.  The game has been out since the PS4 launch, and for PS Plus members it has been a free download.  If for some unknown reason you own a PS4 and haven’t taken the time to play it, you are really missing out on beautiful and addictive game.

According to Gamespot, the developers said that this was the “first of many things to come”, hopefully meaning that this is the first of many DLC updates in the works.  Currently the game has an online multiplayer but no local co-op, and fans of the game have been hoping one would be added.  Sounds like their wishes might come true.

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