The second massively multiplayer game in the Final Fantasy series, Fi..."/>
The second massively multiplayer game in the Final Fantasy series, Fi..."/>

Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 4/19/14


"The second massively multiplayer game in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, recently reached a new milestone, as more than 2 million players have now registered for the game.No doubt the launch of the PlayStation 4 version earlier this week helped A Realm Reborn to reach this figure. It is worth noting, however, that this figure refers to the number of registered users the game has attracted. In other words, there are not necessarily 2 million players actively paying a subscription to play."


"Evolve’s hunters track down and get slaughtered by a monster in this teaser for an upcoming “interactive trailer”.Developer Turtle Rock published the video on Tuesday, which takes the perspective of four human hunters trying to take down one super-strong beast. It also shows the monster’s third-person view as it uses flaming ground pounds and clawing swipes to clean up the human riff-raff.While the game has only been announced for those platforms, 2K Games parent company Take-Two has not ruled out the possibility of it releasing Evolve on last-gen consoles."


"E3 is pretty close now- the mega gaming event is now just a month and a half away, and with the expo drawing closer, the hype around it is starting to build up too. Where Microsoft have been extremely vocal about what we can expect from their E3 conference, Sony have been frustratingly silent and have revealed little. However, according to industry insider Tidux (who revealed the PS4 UI and operating system details before Sony officially disclosed them back in the day), Sony’s E3 lineup is going to be “bonkers”."

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