World Of Tanks Gets HD Tanks, Historical Battles In Update 9.0: New Frontiers

facebooktwitterreddit keeps tweaking World of Tanks to make it a better and broader experience, and the latest update, entitled “New Frontiers,” looks like it fulfills both of those parameters.

Several tanks are getting full HD visual upgrades, complete with high-resolution models and textures and new visual effects. The first vehicles to get a facelift include the American M4 Sherman, Soviet T-54 and German Tiger I, and Wargaming has a webpage set up that allows you to see what those tanks looked like before and after their improvements.

Update 9.0 also brings in a new game mode called Historical Battles. As the name suggests, these skirmishes recreate historic tank battles from real life history, complete with authentically equipped vehicles for all participants. That means that while players can enter a Historical Battle with any eligible vehicles they own, they won’t be able to alter their loadouts, introducing a whole new kind of challenge.

Want to see more? There’s a new World of Tanks trailer highlighting the best of what New Frontiers brings to the game, so sit back and enjoy: