Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 4/18/14


"Palmer Luckey is the founder of Oculus, the company that was recently acquired by Facebook for $2 billion in cash and stock. It’s a big story, and the Oculus Rift virtual reality hardware is likely the best chance that open, high-quality virtual reality has at a mainstream market.In a recent interview, which has since blown up online, Luckey stated that standard displays and televisions will likely give way to a virtual reality solution.The Rift won’t replace computer monitors or televisions in the near future, but it’s not crazy to think that some form of light head-mounted display or glasses with motion tracking or 3D implementation will replace the traditional screen. That idea that some form of wearable display with extra levels of immersion, that allows for real-world social interaction while worn just like today’s displays, isn’t science fiction any more."


"On Thursday evening, Riot Games’ YouTube channel released a video titled “Trials of the Poro”, an adorable animation which proved to be a hidden announcement for a never-before-seen new champion, Braum. A post on the official League of legends website released the video with the tag “Braum” and under the Champion Preview category, leading many to the conclusion that this will be the name of the axe-wielding man seen at the end of the video.The short animation begins with a poro, seen normally in the ARAM map Howling Abyss, running after a snack in the middle of a battle. After dodging some falling weapons, the adorable creature appears to be doomed as a hail of arrows falls from the sky. A massive man (presumably Braum) steps in to save the poro, taking dozens of arrows in the process."

The Gamer Headlines

"Alongside the upcoming PlayStation 4 firmware update 1.7, rumoured to be available at the end of April, users of the PlayStation Mobile app can also expect some new features.Dualshockers claims that the new update will give users the ability to upload profile pictures to the PS4 directly from their mobile devices."

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