Get The Scoop On Four New Souls Coming In Rift 2.7: Bindings of Blood


One of my favorite hip hop groups, The Roots, once asked, “Do you want more?!!!??!” They weren’t talking about Rift since it didn’t exist at the time, but it could apply today since the game’s 2.7 update is on the way in May, bringing with it new souls to offer new roles to every class. Or as Trion Worlds put it, “prepare for plate-clad healers and cloth-wearing tanks in Rift 2.7: Bindings of Blood.”

Here’s a short bit of info on all four new souls; click on the names to go to some official Rift lore for each one:

  • Liberator – Warrior soul: Here’s the heavily armored healer I was talking about. Liberators are specifically equipped for raid healing thanks to the power of magnetic fields. Hey, Tony Stark used them for everything back in his early Iron Man days.
  • Oracle – Cleric soul: Can they tell the future? Maybe not, but Oracles might not have to since they can summon the powers of Water and Death to support group members with shields and buffs.
  • Physician – Rogue soul: This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Choosing the Physician soul means you want your Rogue to be a main healer, albeit one getting it done from a distance.
  • Arbiter – Mage soul: Don’t be fooled by the light armor, because spells can be just as good as steel at fending off enemy attacks. The Arbiter uses ice shields and storm-based taunts to tank with the best of them.

That should be enough to pique your curiosity until next month. Be sure to make regular visits to the Rift Community page for more on Bindings on Blood as it nears release.