Disney Infinity Crystal Buzz Lightyear Available At Toys R Us


I bow to my kids to tell me what’s cool in Disney Infinity since they play it a lot more than I do. They’re definitely fans of the Crystal game figures found exclusively at Toys R Us, so they should be psyched about the fact that the Crystal Series Buzz Lightyear is now on sale.

The translucent Buzz is currently $13.99, which is a little spicy for a Disney Infinity figure, but I suppose you pay something extra for the see-through effect or the fact that you can’t get him at any other retailer. Toys R Us also has a deal going right now that gets you a free Power Disc pack with any Disney Infinity purchase while supplies last, and there’s usually some kind of special offer involving that game and Skylanders at any given time.

Just something to think about as an Easter basket stuffer with the holiday coming up on Sunday.