With an all new Skylanders most likely to be unveiled next week and ..."/> With an all new Skylanders most likely to be unveiled next week and ..."/>

Editorial: 5 Things Activision Desperately Needs To Fix In Skylanders

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You seriously can only find a few Skylanders in stores at any time

1. Sell Skylanders Digitally

Hey, I get the big selling point of Skylanders is the figures and collecting them. But aside from the space issues that come about when you have more than a few of the characters, it’s nearly impossible to find more than a very limited selection at most stores. Offering them digitally would be a virtually endless stream of revenue and make it very easy an convenient to get the Skylanders you want. Sure, this might kill the value of some figures but it’s not like Activision benefits much from that, only people looking to make a profit on their own do that. Bottom line, the less I have to travel to fully enjoy Skylanders, the more likely I am to continue to play and buy it, and I doubt I’m alone on that.

And that’s the list. What do you think, GameSided readers? Does Activision need to make some drastic changes to keep the Skylanders franchise healthy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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