The Walking Dead Season 2 Heading To PS Vita


It seems like PS Vita owners won’t have to wait so long to catch up on a season of The Walking Dead’s graphic adventures. Telltale Games has announced, through the PlayStation Blog, that The Walking Dead Season 2 will become available for Sony’s handheld gaming device starting April 22nd. Each episode will cost $4.99 each over five episodes, or you can save 20% on total episodes purchased by picking up a Season Pass.

There’s no word yet on how further episodes will be scheduled for the PS Vita. While the hope is that it will see a release in North America alongside the PS3 (seeing how the PlayStation Store schedules its updates), it could see a release a few days later along with the iOS version. It’s uncharted territory for Telltale, as they have only released a retail version of all episodes of Season 1 at the same time for the PS Vita more than 8 months later after the retail releases for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions.

Telltale Games have picked up the pace when it comes to releasing content for both The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead, so hopefully this PS Vita news is a precursor for Episode 3, “In Harm’s Way,” to come out soon.


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