Trials Fusion Review


Publisher: Ubisoft Developer: Red Lynx Platform: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Since its inaugural release on Xbox 360 in 2009, the Trials series has been known for providing players with highly addictive gameplay while still making it challenging enough to the point where it’s not a clean breeze through.

Trials Fusion is no different in that it provides much of the same gameplay mechanics that made the game popular five years ago while adding enough to make it feel fresh and different.

Varying degrees of track difficulty put players’ platforming skills to the test in ways that the game hasn’t done before. That being said, there’s a bit of a turnoff with the game’s track selection. There are very easy tracks that players will just zoom through, but then, rather quickly, the tracks become frustratingly hard. It would’ve been nice to see more middle ground for tracks that are both fun yet challenging without leaving you wanting to throw your controller.

The detailed track builder returns in Fusion, offering a highly-detailed builder that should keep the creative players out there entertained for hours before even putting tire to track.

The game’s multiplayer still leaves a lot to be desired as there isn’t much change from previous installments. The game does introduce local multiplayer, but with only 10 courses available at launch, it’s a feature that gets tiring pretty quickly. It would’ve been nice to use created tracks in local multiplayer. Sure, you can take turns running through it, but what’s fun about that.

Trials Fusion does add a new twist to the gameplay in the form of the FMX system. The FMX system allows players to complete tricks while in mid-air. However, FMX events are separate from the normal obstacle tracks which takes some of the fun out of the ability.

If you’re looking for a game that breaks the mold in terms of gameplay, Trials Fusion isn’t it. However, if you want something that takes what the franchise has done so well and improves upon it, though only slightly, then Trials Fusion may be right up your alley.

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