Titanfall on Vita? It was at least a ser..."/> Titanfall on Vita? It was at least a ser..."/>

Titanfall Could Have Been On Vita


Titanfall on Vita? It was at least a serious possibility before Microsoft locked up exclusivity for Respawn’s parkour heavy mech-infused FPS.

The suggestion of a Vita version, with help from Sony, came about while Respawn was trying to ascertain the specs of the PlayStation 4 after hearing about the specs of the Xbox One.

"“Sony was not willing to talk specs yet and instead offered to help Respawn make a PlayStation Vita version of Titanfall.”"

It’s been heavily rumored that Titanfall 2 will be coming PlayStation 4 in addition to the Xbox One, so it’s certainly possible that a Vita version of the sequel could be in the works as well.

Of course this completely ignores the issue of what Titanfall on Vita could even be. The potential sounds great, the but the Vita isn’t a portable PS4, it isn’t even quite a portable PS3. Sure they got Borderlands 2 up and running, but not without some concessions. We’ve seen myriad examples of trying to create big console experiences on the Vita to at best limited success and I personally believe that has been to the system’s detriment. I can hardly imagine that they’d get an acceptable port of a game like Titanfall running well on the Vita without it being an incredibly stripped down experience.

What do you think GameSided readers? If in fact Titanfall 2 is going multiplatform, would you want to see a Vita version? Would that help the sales of the struggling console? Or just be yet another failed attempt to bring home console gaming to the Vita? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!