Next Neverwinter Module Curse Of Icewind Dale To Launch May 13


The third free content expansion for Neverwinter will be released on May 13. Entitled “Curse of Icewind Dale,” the module features one of the most famous settings from Dungeons & Dragons lore, one explored by noted fantasy author R.A. Salvatore in his Icewind Dale book trilogy. The in-game story has heavy ties to the D&D tabletop role-playing game, picking up after the events of the Legacy of the Crystal Shard adventure.

Along with recognizable locations like Dwarven Valley, Caer-Konig and Icewind Pass, the module introduces a powerful new resource called Black Ice that can be used in crafting the most powerful gear in Neverwinter. One of the best ways to earn it will be to take part in open PvP in the new Curse of Icewind Dale zones, though there are obvious dangers in that approach as well.

New PvE content includes open world quests called Heroic Encounters that can be played by up to a dozen characters at a time. New challenges, quest lines and Boons are also waiting to be discovered.

Last but not least, the Hunter Ranger class is getting a new Paragon Path called the Pathfinder. That means new powers of all kinds, plus three new Class Features and three new Feats.

The official Neverwinter forum is one of the best places to stay up to speed on all the features from the new expansion, but only after you take a look at some of them in the preview trailer that lays out some of the lore right here.