TV Show Archer Snuck In A Clever Rendition Of The Konami Code


During this week’s episode of Archer (a cartoon comedy show I would argue as the best of its kind on television), one of the subplots centered around the zany doctor Krieger attempting to disarm a deadly weapon from launching from the fictional wartorn country of San Marcos.  The above screenshot shows one of Krieger’s clones entering the launch code to start a near 3-hour-long countdown. It appears on the screen just for a brief moment and doesn’t have any comedic setup, so not many thought anything of it. However, one keen-eyed Redditor noticed something particularly odd about it.

You see, the code above resembles that of hex code. Reddit user boxgamex made a note of this, and decided to run the code through a decoder. What did he end up discovering? The letters “UUDDLRLRBA.” Giving each of those letters a direction, that turns out to be, “Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A,” effectively entering the Konami Code made famous by the NES game Contra.

Not only are congratulations in order for boxgamex for pointing that out, but for Archer for inserting such a hidden and creatively-conceived Easter Egg into your show. It’s easy to make the lazy reference, but worthy of recognition for not spoonfeeding the audience.


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