Rumor: Mario Kart 8 Bundle Coming For The Wii U


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Seeing how Nintendo has made Wii U bundles out of soon-to-be-released video games before, it makes sense that it could happen again. Sources close to have indicated that a Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle is coming to European markets. The bundle would include a 32 GB Black Wii U, gamepad and Mario Kart 8, in addition to a free 7-day trial of Wii Karaoke U. The belief is that it would sell at a projected 299 Euro price point.

It is regarded as a rumor right now, but it completely makes sense for Nintendo to do this. Seeing how the device has sold more than 5.86 million units worldwide, despite having a year’s head start on the Xbox One and PS4, packaging in a game with as universal appeal as Mario Kart 8 would help to boost sales of Nintendo’s 8th generation console.

So many of the Wii U’s titles have achieved critical success, including the likes of Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, yet haven’t shown to be as much of a killer app that have sold an exponential amount of Wii U consoles. The rich and storied success of the Mario Kart series could help spurn sales with a Mario Kart 8 bundle, so hopefully we can see something like the above rumored bundle come to fruition.

h/t Nintendo Life


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