Hate To Love Your Companions In Dragon Age: Inquistion


One of the primary and most popular features of pretty much any BioWare game is the many possible romance options in the game. In the newest Dragon Age title, due out later this year, the romance system will be more dynamic and robust, according to Eurogamer.

While you can go the traditional route, you will apparently also be able to have a romance with someone who is a rival or someone who is more like a funny friend than a strictly affectionate lover according to the article.

Seeker Cassandra, who interrogated Varric to find out the truth of the events of Dragon Age 2, as well as Cullen, who has had roles in both previous titles, have been listed as possible love interests. No news of who other companions might be and what, if any, romance options they will have.

While I have enjoyed the romance aspects of previous BioWare games, looking back they were pretty simplified. Romances played out roughly similar regardless of who you tried to be with and barely resembled anything close to a real relationship. Hopefully these new options will help the romances feel more genuine and real and add even more replay value to the game just to see how they play out.

What would be really interesting is if the relationship system is complex enough that you can have these different types of relationships with the same companion. It would be great for example, if Cassandra could be an affectionate type of love, a rival, or someone you joke around with. Admittedly Cassandra doesn’t seem like she has much of a sense of humor, but that would be some pretty amazing character depth and development, especially for a video game, if you were the one to bring that out of her or any of the other romance-able characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

What do you think, Gamesided readers? Are you excited about the new romance possibilities in Dragon Age: Inquistion? Let us know in the comments!