Zomboss Down DLC Pack Brings Wild West To Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare


Get out your cowboy hat and dust off those spurs, because it’s time to head to the Wild West in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

With the Zomboss Down DLC pack, available today, gamers can take their battle between flora and the undead to the next level. Included in the update are a new Western-themed map, eight new playable characters  like the Wrestling Star Zombie and the Law Pea, and over 200 customization items. Zomboss Down also bumps the level cap up from 20 to 30 for all characters.

There’s even a story behind all this, as the DLC imagines that the plants have succeeded in shooting down Dr. Zomboss’ blimp. Unfortunately, all that’s done is set down fresh hordes of zombies in the desert, making their way toward the local golf course. Hilarity ensues, no doubt.

Perhaps the best part of Zomboss Down is that it’s free, and considering that Garden Warfare wasn’t even a full price game to begin with, that’s a mighty fine deal pardner. Sorry, it’s the whole Western thing. Anyway, download the update, which also fixes some bugs, and enjoy the mood-setting trailer we’ve got right here.