Poll: Would You Pay $10 Extra For Video Games?


While it hasn’t happened yet, there were always rumors that video games would increase to $69.99 with the next-generation consoles.

Who’s to say that this definitely won’t happen? We are already seeing advancements with virtual reality games, and as these new features become more and more commonplace, maybe there is a price increase eventually coming.

That’s where the main question comes in.

Would you shell out $10 extra per game?

Certain franchises like 2K’s WWE series like to make minor improvements and pass it off as a new game. People are already outraged at this, and a $70 price tag could drive people further away.

It could also come down to costs that the companies face when they develop their game. If a company wants to ensure that they won’t take a loss but they also need to expand their company to cater to the needs of next-gen manpower, then it could become more costly.

Unfortunately, I feel that it is only a matter of when, not if. If not this generation, next generation.

Eventually the cost of development and distribution has to catch up to some of these companies, especially the ones that aren’t the EA’s and 2K’s of the world. Soon, games will be designed around features such as virtual reality.

We are already seeing it with the Playstation Move, Wii U, and Kinect aren’t we? Luckily, those things are optional (unless you are buying an Xbox One).

What do you think? Would you go the extra step to buying certain games if they had a $10 increase?

Personally, I would still buy the games that I would really want, but it would cut my library short since I would only get the necessities.