New Swordsman Trailer Details Three Classes


Perfect World Entertainment released a new Swordsman trailer today that goes into more detail on three of the upcoming MMORPG’s classes. And if you know anything about my musical tastes (and there’s no reason you would), you’ll know I have an affinity to one of them already: Wu-Tang!

Wu-Tang disciples wield heavy swords and can control large groups of enemies. Utilizing a powerful internal force, they can pull foes toward them or literally sweep them away as needed. No word on whether they can summon killer bees for a swarm or if they’re exceptional lyricists.

The Sun and Moon class focuses on dual-wielding, along with skills that can cause status effects. Their two blades can be linked together for AoE damage, and they have throwing techniques as well.

Last but not least, the House Tong class focuses on firearms and ranged attacks. Its practitioners can use knockback effects to keep enemies at a distance, plus set traps for stun and control purposes.

Representing different schools of martial arts, these are only three of the ten classes Swordsman will feature at launch. Watch the trailer to learn more, and if you like what you see, you can visit the game’s official site to register for a chance at closed beta access.