If you're like so many that have picked up a PS Vita for its vast collection of RPG ..."/> If you're like so many that have picked up a PS Vita for its vast collection of RPG ..."/>

Sony Confirms Soul Sacrifice Delta, Other PS Vita Localizations For North America


If you’re like so many that have picked up a PS Vita for its vast collection of RPG titles to come out of Japan, today should be a very exciting day. Via the PlayStation Blog, Sony has confirmed that Soul Sacrifice Delta, Freedom Wars and Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines will all be localized and see a North American release.

Soul Sacrifice Delta

The expanded version of Soul Sacrifice is coming to PS Vita in North America starting May 13th. Some of the new enhancements and upgrades include a new faction called Grim, new archfiends, sorcerers, spells, arenas, quests, bosses and co-op attacks. Furthermore, the graphics have seen an upgrade, with dynamic backgrounds, weather and structural changes now available. Finally, you can bring over your save data from the original Soul Sacrifice to Soul Sacrifice Delta, meaning you can pick up right from where you left off.

Freedom Wars

Freedom Wars is an action-RPG, “Set in a dystopian world which harbors prisoners, each with a million-year sentence set from birth. You take on the role of a prisoner, forced to fight for your freedom by completing rescue missions that will reduce your seemingly insurmountable prison sentence.” The “fight for your freedom” concept is a great idea for video games, and is one that has already worked well in a variety of films. You can play in parties up to 4 via ad-hoc or 8 in online mode to take down foes and rescue civilians as you progress throughout the game.

It is due for the release, along with Oreshika, in the coming months.

Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines

Set in ancient Japan, you and the rest of your clan have been cursed to live for a maximum of two more years. In an RPG setting, you must clean your crew of the curse as you, “Enlist the help of gods inspired by Japanese mythology to make sure each new generation of the clan is more powerful than the last.” There are not many details about this title, although it is a sequel to a Japanese-only PlayStation game called, “Ore no Shikabane wo Koete Yuke,” which translates to, “Over My Dead Body.”

We will keep you up to date on the localization and development of these PS Vita titles here at GameSided the closer they come towards release.


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