Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 4/14/14


"Ubisoft has confirmed that the PC and PS4 versions of Trials Fusion will run in native 1080p, while the Xbox One edition will run in 900p following a day one patch.The Xbox 360 version of Trials Fusion will run in native 600p, “like all leading games on the platform”, with each version of the game running at a constant 60fps, the publisher told site reports that the day one Trials Fusion patch will increase the resolution of the Xbox One version from 800p to 900p, while improving the PS4 frame rate. Further fixes focus on track, leaderboard and replay issues."


"At the end of next month, online gaming server and matchmaking provider GameSpy will be shutting down its servers for good. This will affect every single one of the hundreds of games that utilise the service – with many losing multiplayer functionality completely. Included in the list of games that you’ll no longer be able to play online after 31 May 2014? Crysis.If you want to mess around in the first Crysis’ still impressive sandbox, you have a month and a half left to do it. EA, for it’s part, has said that it’ll be transitioning some of its other games – most notably its Battlefield titles –  to work without the need for Gamespy.If there’s a game you love playing online –whether it’s an older game or not – you might want to check if it relies on GameSpy as you may have very little time left to get your multiplayer jollies before the plug gets pulled."


"Rock Band developer Harmonix has announced Record Run, a new rhythm action game that creates stages from the music library on a player’s iOS or Android device.The free-to-play title has been submitted to Apple’s App Store and is in the process of being released on Google Play, but the project will be tested in Australia and Canada first, with a general release penned for May.In a manner similar to the 2008 PC game Audiosurf, Record Run generates game levels based on music track data. Players select a character (each based on music-related fashions such as goths and hipsters) and run through a street collecting records to the beat of a track."