GOG.com Lets Players Vote For Discounts With Battle Of The Games Promo


For one week, GOG.com is letting consumers fight it out to determine which games will be on sale. Not actually fighting like in an MMA match or something, mind you, but using the awesome power of democracy.

The Battle of the Games promo is off and running, giving you the chance to vote for which games you’d like to see discounted. Here’s how it works: every day at 11 am GMT, GOG.com will be posting two groups of three games each. Visitors will vote for which trio they’d like to see come out on top, and the winning group will be marked down by 75 percent for 24 hours. The good news is that there are no losers, as the games receiving fewer votes will still get marked down by 60 percent.

As you might expect, the games are grouped in ways that make sense. For example, the voting right now pits Chaser, Red Faction and Red Faction II against Unreal II, Unreal Gold and Unreal Tournament. GOG.com also primed the pump on the promo by putting six games on sale with no voting required, including the first three Heroes of Might and Magic titles, the first two Witcher games and the special edition of Blackguards (hey, I reviewed that one!).

Make it a point to visit this page every day this week and vote. Or don’t and simply let others pick the discounts for you. Just don’t complain about how the battles turn out if you don’t participate!