A barbaric lack of internet access and some crazy travel arrangements prevented me from ..."/> A barbaric lack of internet access and some crazy travel arrangements prevented me from ..."/>

PAX East 2014: Sunday Main Theater Panel Schedule And Other Highlights


A barbaric lack of internet access and some crazy travel arrangements prevented me from doing a Saturday schedule. For that, I apologize.

The good news is that there’s still one day left for PAX East 2014, so if you didn’t get to stand in as many lines … I mean, see as many games or panels as you wanted to during the first two days, you’ve got one more shot today.

That might be for the best, as Saturday tends to be the craziest day on the show floor. I can report firsthand that some areas are just hard to navigate as people queue up for the bigger booths. Multiple people told me Friday seemed busier this year than in previous editions, so Sunday could be manageable. Maybe.

Another reason to be down on the floor is that as is typical of big shows like this, the panel/event schedule isn’t as packed on Sunday. However there are things going on in the main theater, and a nice assortment of highlights from other rooms around the convention center. As before, let me lay them out for you:

PAX East 2014: Day 3 (Sunday 4/13) Main Theatre Schedule

10:30 am – Inside Gearbox Software – Not sure if you heard the news or not, but there’s another Borderlands game coming. Huzzah! Here’s the weird thing though: it’s not coming to the PS4 or Xbox One, it’s not Borderlands 3, and it’s not even being developed by Gearbox. Wait, what? Maybe you can ask the folks from Gearbox what’s up with that at this panel — in as polite a way as possible, of course.

1:30 pm – Acquisitions Incorporated Live D&D Game: Dragons Over Easy – No, tabletop RPGs haven’t turned into spectator events like eSports. If they were, I would have been the coolest kid in school as a youth instead of … not. But when the people playing in a live D&D game include Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade and PvP‘s Scott Kurtz, then yeah, people want to watch. You can too, if you’re in Boston for PAX East and have some free time Sunday afternoon.

5:30 pm – Omegathon – Final Round – The world’s most mysterious game tournament reaches its climax for this year’s show. What game will the finalists be playing? That’s the thing — they don’t know until it’s revealed during the event. Omegathon is always good for some laughs, and this one should be no exception.

PAX East 2014: Day 3 (Sunday) Assorted Highlights:

10 am – Dragonfly Theatre – Isshoukenmei: Localizing Japanese Games

10:30 am – Albatross Theatre – Royal Rumble on the N64! 30 players! Live!

11 am – Console Tourney – Saturn Bomberman Tournament

11:30 am – Badger Theatre – Indie MEGABOOTH and Breaking into the Games Industry

12 pm – Queue Room – Autograph Session: Gearbox Software

12:30 pm – Condor Theatre – Leveling Up Your Kid: Parenting Through Games and Game Design

1 pm – Badger Theatre – Getting Past Entry-Level: Managing Your Career in the Game Industry and Beyond

1:30 pm – Cuttlefish Theatre – Lost In Translation: Do Crossovers Work?

2 pm – Console Tourney – Killer Instinct Tournament

2:30 pm – Dragonfly Theatre – Inside Look at Game Design for League of Legends

3 pm – Cuttlefish Theatre – Buy, Sell, Collect: Not Your Average Game Collecting Panel

3:30 pm – Arachnid Theatre – The Mythology in and of Games: Why the Legend of Zelda is just as important as the Legend of Beowulf

4 pm – Console Tourney – Call of Duty Ghosts Tournament

4:30 pm – Handheld Tourney – Tetris DS Tournament