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Xbox One and PS4 50% off at NewEgg


The online retailer is having a sale on some of their Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3 games.

The games on sale for the Xbox One are: Dead Rising 3, Fifa 14, Need for Speed Rivals, Just Dance, NBA 2K14, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Madden NFL 25 (which after the promo code you can buy for $25), and NBA Live 14.  When you add the 10% off promo code, most games are $30.

The games on sale for the PS4 are:  NBA 2K14, Killzone: Shadow Fall (for $25), Knack (also $25).

There are also games on the Xbox 360PS3 and Wii U that are on sale.  360 games from Payday 2 to Bioshock Infinite, to Metro and even Skylanders Starter Packs for under $25.  PS3 games such as MLB 2K13 for $10, plus an additional 10% off and Risen 2 for $8 just to name a few.  Wii U games Super Mario 3D and the Disney Infinity Starter packs are also on sale.

Don’t forget to put the promo code VGMADNESS1 to get your additional 10% off your purchases.  For those of you who like physical copies of games this is a great opportunity to grab some games for a sweet discount.