Editorial: 5 Things 2K Games Desperately Needs To Fix In WWE2K

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Excuse me while I just keep going for the ladder while never doing anything else!

1. Better A.I.

Of course all this means nothing if the bane of all wrestling titles in the last decade or so isn’t fixed: Awful, awful, awful A.I. It is downright broken, has been for a long time. Put an AI opponent in a gimmick match and it’s just broken and in a tag match they just have no clue what to do half the time. It wasn’t always like this. They managed to make it work in the N64 days, and maybe that’s because it was less complex, but opponents seemed to know when to tag, when to climb ladders, when to unleash a finisher, etc. These days there is no such thing and that’s such a shame.

And that’s the list. I’m not actually hopeful that 2k15 will address most of these issues, but once we get to the point where they are developed exclusively for the PS4 and Xbox One I have some hope. Feel free to chime in down in the comments section on what you think needs to be fixed in the WWE2k Series.

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