Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition Headed to PS4


Later this year, a next-gen system will be introduced to Diablo 3 with the Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition for PS4.

Blizzard has indeed confirmed that the new Reaper of Souls expansion will be included with the Ultimate Evil Edition.

In addition, new features will be included with the game:

Your friends have a chance of receiving a “Gift” every time you get a legendary drop:

  • The gift is a legendary item of their own that they can open on whichever hero they want to: the stats roll upon opening the gift
  • You’ll be able to send items to your friends

Nemesis System:

  • The monster that kills you can level up, jump into a portal and appear later in a friend’s game
  • If your friend kills it, you get “gifts”, if the monster kills them, it keeps getting stronger and jumps to another game randomly chosen from your friend’s friend list.

Apprentice mode:

  • If a lower level player pairs up with a higher level player, the system boosts the lower level player’s stats so that they can handle the action
  • You still get the exp and items on both characters (each one appropriate to their base level, slightly boosted for the lower level)

Bonus experience is given for group play

  • Loot is distributed to the players that have priority by stat
  • All loot drops for everybody, if someone picks a Dexterity item it goes to the DH, if it’s a Strength item it goes to the Barbarian and so on
  • You get a speed boost for destroying breakables
  • Massacre bonuses give more experience
  • Killing enemies with environment gives more experience
  • Massacres have a chance of dropping a Nephalem Glory globe

Unfortunately Microsoft fans, an Xbox One edition was not announced so we will keep our eye out for any details as they emerge in the months ahead.

Be sure to check out my review of the Reaper of Souls expansion for PC and stay tuned right here to GameSided for all of your gaming news!

(Source: SegmentNext)