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Transistor Out May 20th For PS4, PC


According to Kotaku, Supergiant games latest title, Transistor, is due to hit both the PS4 and the PC on May 20th. It will also be available to play for anyone attending PAX East, which is taking place this weekend. Transistor is not confirmed for Xbox One at this time, but in an interview this past October with Gaming Bolt, Supergiant Games creative director Greg Kasavin stated that while right now they are focused only on PS4 and PC, he certainly didn’t rule out an Xbox One port at some point. Whether or not an Xbox One port would be possible due to Microsoft’s current parity clause on Indie releases remains to be seen.

In case you need a refresher, Transistor is a futuristic sci-fi action RPG in a 3d isometric point of view, much like Supergiant’s previous game, the critically acclaimed Bastion. People are losing their voices one by one. Red, a young singer comes into possession of a powerful, intelligent sword called The Transistor, which may be the key to the mystery behind everyone suddenly losing their voice. It made a pretty big splash at E3 last year, so it’s been a very highly anticipated title and it’s good to see we won’t be waiting too much longer until we can experience it for ourselves. Check out the initial reveal trailer here and if you have any thoughts let us know in the comments!