Via Joystiq. Well we knew this was coming. In a new..."/> Via Joystiq. Well we knew this was coming. In a new..."/>

Marvel Characters Coming To Disney Infinity


Via Joystiq. Well we knew this was coming. In a new trailer released today, Marvel characters are finally teased as coming soon to Disney Infinity, much to the dismay of cash-strapped parents everywhere.

The trailer mentions Disney Infinity Version 2.0, which could either be an update or a sequel. Disney Infinity has yet to release on next-gen platforms, and presumably the next iteration of the series will release on both PS4 & Xbox One along with this new influx of Marvel characters. The Avengers are of course a sure thing, and it’s fairly good odds that we’ll see a Guardians of The Galaxy set since that movie is coming out this year. I’m sure we’ll see Spider-Man and the X-Men at some point. But since they are not owned lock, stock and barrel by Disney, they might take their sweet time showing up. I do wonder if characters from Agents of SHIELD will show up or characters like Luke Cage and Daredevil who have shows meant for a more mature audience being developed for them will show up. Of course you could certainly include them without any reference to the shows that they are in.

I’m a fully grown adult who really enjoys the Skylanders series, but I was honestly able to hold out on Disney Infinity because the characters released so far haven’t really held much appeal to me personally. Getting cool-looking versions of some great Marvel characters will weaken my resolve quite a bit though. Now of course the question is, when will we start seeing some characters from the Star Wars Universe show up in Disney Infinity? Check out the teaser:

What’s your take, Gamesided readers? Are you excited for the inclusion of Marvel Characters in Disney Infinity? Or do you think this is just an extension of the latest cheap cash grab by Disney? Let us know in the comments below!