Tetris Reaches 425 Million Mobile Downloads


Make or break question: Will it support 4k or not??!?

The Tetris Company informed Computer and Video Games today that Tetris has reached 425 million mobile sales. The classic game that is heralded for its challenging nature but simplistic gameplay has now reached a new milestone for it’s mobile push.

The original Game Boy version sold 35 million of those copies which amounts to half of its total in retail. This does not count their “freemium” Tetris Blitz.

Henk Rogers spoke about his distaste towards “freemium” games:

"“You could spend a couple of million dollars and build a great product in the old days, and then you’d know that a certain number of them would be sold,” Rogers said. “Nowadays, you have to build the game and then hope you can keep nickel-and-dime-ing people afterward. You have to interrupt the experience asking for money, and I think it takes away from the game."

It is the 30th anniversary of Tetris’ birth into the video gaming world. It is a game that will always be one of the greatest games ever played.