Plex On Xbox One


The super popular open sourced media player, Plex, might be making an appearance on the Xbox One. Extreme Tech reported yesterday that while reading a Plex forum, a developer by the name of Tyson Edwards said he was, “Working on a Plex client for the Xbox One.”  He went on to say that in a couple of days he had already utilized the voice commands to control the media hub. Edwards is not an employee of Plex, but will make the software available to them as soon as he has completed it.

If you are unaware of the beauty and seamless media streaming software Plex, then you are truly missing out. Plex is an open source media player system that facilitates the streaming of your media files anywhere you are.  With the aid of Plex, streaming on your Xbox One might never be easier. Hopefully the Plex team will see this as an incredible opportunity and will eagerly pursue development.

This might not have been possible without the Microsoft’s “ID@Xbox program“. The ID program helps and encourages independent developer publishing.  Stay tuned to Gamesided for any updates on when Plex might be available.
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