Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 4/8/14


"Silicon Studio, the Japanese developer of Bravely Default and 3D Dot Game Heroes, has released a new video showing off its next generation rendering engine – and it provides us with a glimpse of what games may look like in the future.The real-time technical demo preview highlights Silicon Studio’s advanced graphics work, and acts as a call to arms for potential staff. While the developer has worked with Square Enix on Bravely Default, it’s also a middleware creator, and so specialises in real-time graphical techniques like those showcased in the video."

"In a new feature at The New Yorker, Ridiculous Fishing and Super Meat Boy designers open up on what can happen after your game strikes gold and you become rich overnight.Ridiculous Fishing developer Rami Ismail and his business partner Jan Willem released their game in March 2013, and by the time Ismail woke up the next morning, he had made tens of thousands of dollars from the game. His first feeling was not happiness, but rather guilt.“Ever since I was a kid I’ve watched my mom wake up at six in the morning, work all day, come home, make my brother and me dinner–maybe shout at me for too much ‘computering,'” he said. “My first thought that day was that while I was asleep I’d made more money than she had all year. And I’d done it with a mobile-phone game about shooting fish with a machine gun.”"


"If you’ve had a gutful of how beautiful Titanfall looks on Xbox One and PC, and you don’t want to wait for the Xbox 360 version, you could always play Ironfall.Ironfall is a Minecraft mod which turns the game into an 8v8 shooter featuring titans and doublejumping.In place of Titans you can call in Golems, while some of Titanfall’s other quirks – being able to propell into the sky from a dying Titan/Golem – are kept miraculously intact."